Managed Firewall/IPS

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Why have us manage your Firewall/IPS?

Our Managed Firewall service delivers more than just a static line of defense. It includes our full suite of security services, including consultation, device configuration, and ongoing management and support of our Palo Alto NGFW or Sonicwall appliances. Driven by Clearnetwork’s adaptive security techniques and decades of experience, our Managed Firewall service is a powerful solution to any organization’s network security needs.

We also assist your team in responding to threat events and other critical incidents. Clearnetwork’s compliance and data security experts can also assist with running compliance-level reporting, with technical troubleshooting and support, and disaster recovery events.

Here are some of the benefits of our managed firewall/IPS service:

  • Trusted Management: You can stay focused on your core business knowing your perimeter defense is in the hands of trusted experts
  • Rapid Updates: Maintain optimal performance when expert remote management deploys configuration changes in real-time
  • Threat Response: Downtime is minimized and performance maximized with faster threat response
  • Latest Threat Intelligence: Our specially-licensed threat database is updated daily and includes over forty reputation and scoring categories to better identify novel threats. Your NGFW policies stay up-to-date with the very latest threat intelligence
  • In-depth knowledge: Clearnetwork also receives up-to-the-minute attack data from our Managed Detection and Response network. So we protect you against the latest threats today and prepare you for what’s coming over the horizon tomorrow.


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