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You need a comprehensive cloud based email security solution that protects your business from all types of email threats. URL defense dynamically blocks malicious links, attachment defense sandboxes unknown attachments. A simple change of your MX record is all that is needed to get started.

Advanced detection with machine learning

Our system was built from the ground up to deal with today’s advanced threats. If your business has 5 employees or 10,000 employees, ContentCatcher is an ideal solution.

Simple Management

Being completely cloud based, there is no hardware to manage, IT no longer will be tasked with ‘spam management’. Any support questions users have can be handled by our amazing support team.

Data Loss Prevention

ContentCatcher has hundreds of configurable rules in place that can block outbound emails that contain sensitive information like social security numbers and credit card numbers. It is an extremely powerful tool to safeguard data for compliance such as HIPAA, PCI, SOX and others.


For compliance and internal requirements, it is important to keep email secure in transit. Our easy to use system removes the management burden of typical encryption systems.


Our 10 year cloud archive enables you to meet compliance easily and access your data through eDiscovery. Unlike managing your own email archive, there is no overhead, storage limits or risk of data loss, and users can have full access to their individual archive. 

Advanced Business Continuity

Email is still the number one communication tool for business. When your email server or provider goes down for any period, it can cost you greatly. ContentCatcher provides you with a 24/7 emergency inbox that automatically turns on when you go down. Users access the emergency inbox in our online portal which features a full-fledged email client to send and receive email, enabling users to continue work with minimal disruption.

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“ContentCatcher support is awesome, they quickly have a solution to any question myself or anyone else has and their email security service is the best we’ve ever used.”

– IT Manager, Manufacturing